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  • score-sampleAn original ECM-style piece that features solos for soprano sax and piano. Lushly orchestrated with flugelhorns, French horn (cued in T.Sx), and flute/clarinet doubles along with ambient, contemporary guitar textures. Lead trumpet range – high C#. (Recorded by the Manhattan School of Music Jazz Ensemble.)
  • score-sampleRecorded by the One O’Clock Lab Band on Lab 2012. The fugue subject is based on a 12-tone row and the groove is a medium Elvin-ish swing with an open harmonic palette. It features an electrified trumpet (reminiscent of Miles in the 70s). Scored for 10 brass with flute, clarinet, and bass clarinet doubles. Lead trpt – high D.
  • score-sample(commissioned by Wynton Marsalis for the LCJO – live recording) this Ornette Coleman tune, based on “Rhythm changes”, is designed to feature any soloist. The trumpets and saxes perform the rather intricate melody at various times. The closing section features a more seductive and sneaky vibe that offers surprises with sudden dynamic contrasts and some interspersed drum fills. Lead trumpet range – high C#.
  • score-sampleOriginal composition. A fast, exciting, contemporary be-bop/modal blues that features tenor sax, piano and drum solos. The blues form has been embellished harmonically with each of the three 4-bar phrases within the traditional 12-bar blues expanded x 8, totaling 96 bars per one complete chorus. Also features an ensemble unison section that sounds like a hip, “improvised” solo. Lead trumpet range – high F. Recorded in concert by the Metropole Orchestra. (Available for standard big band or big band with orchestra).
  • score-sampleAn irreverent but fun poke at the classic Glenn Miller tune, In the Mood. The basic composition by Harold Danko is developed through the big band arrangement that makes further references to Miller’s classic band arrangement as well as String of Pearls. This one will put a smile on everyone’s face (with the possible exception of Glenn Miller) and is great as an encore or contrast piece. Lead trumpet range – high D. (Recorded by the Manhattan School of Music Jazz Ensemble.)
  • score-sampleRecorded on the One O’Clock Lab Band’s 2011 CD. This original programmatic work is a driving contemporary ballad that starts simply and develops slowly into a grandiose ending. It features bass, piano, flugelhorn and tenor sax (tenor sax also doubles on soprano) and drum solos as well as a written classical-style descant trumpet solo. Lead trumpet 1 range – high D. Solo trumpet 3 range – high D. Scored for 10 brass.
  • score-sampleA Phil Markowitz composition recorded by Bill Evans w/Toots Thielemans. Arranged with a transcription of Toots’ solo for sax section soli. Recorded on the One O’Clock Lab Band’s 2009 CD. Lead trumpet range – high E.